Bacigalupi Vineyard

The Bacigalupi vineyard is again, a Sonoma county iconic vineyard run by the family in their fourth generation. Helen and Charles Bacigalupi started out small with just a few acres of pinot noir and chardonnay, but quickly gained recognition as one of the wines of the infamous “ Paris tasting “ that put some California wines ahead of renowned French estates, was made from some of these Bacigalupi vineyard grapes.

The vineyard is located in the Russian River appellation of Sonoma county that runs south of the Dry Creek appellation, and curls west towards the Pacific ocean. The appellation is a combination of bench lands ( volcanic ) and bottomland ( alluvial and sedimentary ) with a cooler climate than to the east, but warmer than the “ Sonoma Coast “ appellation right at the Pacific ocean. These conditions allow for a slower developing fruit that retains good acidity at the same allowing good maturity for a full lush varietal.In pinot noir it has been demonstrated a specific “ clone “ will produce specific attributes in aromas and flavors and richness, The Bacigalupi ranch contains a number of clones known for their individual characteristics, and the GJW wine consists of a combination of these clones to create a multidimensional wine of balance and elegance.

The GJW Bacigalupi pinot noir expresses its burgundian lineage in black tea and raspberry with strawberry and hints of white pepper. The wine is balanced with fine tannins and discrete undertones of vanilla from the use of 100% French oak barrels, with a pleasing finish. This wine is elegant and will pair with almost anything, or just to sip and enjoy on its own.
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