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Local winemaker Jim Demuth toasts to high scores on his Gregory James wines | Phil Your Glass

I managed to catch up with Gregory James Winery owner Jim Demuth at his home in New Philadelphia last week. And that’s not an easy feat.

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Phil Your Glass: Zinfandel is perfect partner for grilling and chilling

Warm weather means cooking burgers on the grill, and a nice glass of zinfandel is my favorite partner for all of my grilling and chilling. 

New Philadelphia resident Jim Demuth, who owns Gregory James Wines in Sonoma, California, has one of the best bottles of zin around. His 2016 old vine zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley is my kind of zin. The grapes come from the School House Vineyard,  which overlooks Lake Sonoma. The vines are 60 years old. This bottle is not your typical in-your-face high alcohol zinfandel.

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Claire Smith Joins Gregory James Wines 

New Philadelphia, Ohio -  Claire Smith, formally of Jordan Vineyard & Winery, joins Gregory James Wines as Director of Marketing and Guest Services. Claire brings 15 years of industry experience to her new role and will be working with proprietor, Jim Demuth, to market the brand and share the story with guests near and far...Read More

Jim Demuth brings Ohio work ethic to California wines: By Phil Masturzo

New Philadelphia resident Jim Demuth has two day jobs. Not that unheard of for anyone in this day and age, and especially for a guy who grew up on a 500-acre dairy farm in Ohio.

But Demuth is different, and loves to put in a full day of work. I managed to get in touch with him a couple of weeks ago while he was moving boulders along Doan Creek next to the Cleveland Museum of Art... Read More

Giving Kids Hope: A Virtual Success for Childhood Genetic-Based Research

On Saturday, October 24, 2020, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine hosted Giving Kids Hope to benefit the Research Institute for Children’s Health. The event honored James Demuth and Greg Kimble on behalf of the Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation with the Giving Kids Hope Award for their continued dedication to the treatments of genetic-based disorders and ongoing support of the institute.

As a result of the success of the event and support from our sponsors, donors and guests, we were able to raise nearly $110,000 to improve outcomes for children suffering from devastating diseases and disorders by accelerating breakthroughs into new therapies and cures.

New Napa and Sonoma Producers Worth Knowing: By Virginie Boone

With Napa and Sonoma both enjoying big, healthy vintages in 2012, 2013 and 2014, there are a lot of new wine labels coasting through my doors, and I suspect, making their way onto store shelves and restaurant lists. They’re not all created equal. Some are clearly clever marketing projects using bulk juice. There’s nothing wrong with that if the juice is good and the price is right, but I’m more excited to see new producers who are devoted to quality and have a story to tell. 

Sonoma's Far Coast: A haven for pinot noir: By Elaine Chukan Brown

We step out of the forest into a glade where light pours through. Ted Lemon has guided me to the top of a hill at 1,200 feet of elevation in The Haven. He has been farming half of this tenacre property since 2001, using biodynamic methods, and he left half of the land wild... Read More

The Flavor of Cool: Tasting the Wines of the Western Sonoma Coast: By Alder Yarrow

I’ll admit it. I’m an acid freak. More than anything else in a wine, I’m looking for the juiciness that I get from well-balanced wines that lean towards the lower side of pH. There’s nothing quite like that zip and crackle of a wine that gets your tastebuds tingling and your mouth watering... Read More