Carreras Ranch Vineyard

The Carreras Ranch Vineyard is on bench land on the east side of Dry Creek Valley on volcanic soils rich in iron. The ranch contains multiple “ blocks “ of zinfandel vines, some of which the exact history of original planting is not known, but it appears the “ field blend “ block used in the GJW Carreras Ranch is likely in excess of 100 years. Field blend blocks contain some vines that are not zinfandel, but the original grower, in growing grapes similar to “ back home “ knew the addition of even just a few of “ this and that “ would “ make a better more interesting wine “. Carignane, Napa Gamay, Golden Chasellas, Petite Sirah and Grenache vines are usually present in a “ field blend “, and are present in this block.

Vineyard blocks of this nature are becoming increasingly hard to find as with vines this old, the production of fruit is low and many times not economically feasible to continue to grow. GJW is fortunate to work with a grower who honors and supports the farming of this historical block of vines and we are proud to offer an extraordinary wine at an extraordinary value because of it.
Vines from this block produce a balanced wine clearly with zinfandel characteristics of deep cherry and plum together with hints of clove spice, together with undertones of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry nuances from the “ field blend “ varieties. The wine is rich without being overly tannic.
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