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Jim Demuth


Jim Demuth, Proprietor of Gregory James Wines, grew up in New Philadelphia, Ohio, on a 500-acre dairy farm that he still calls home today. Growing up on a farm gave Jim a true appreciation for the craft of farming. It is also where he fell in love with the vision of creating truly unique wines from renowned vineyards in Sonoma and Napa counties that encompass the creativity and passion of the winemakers.

After attending the Ohio State University, he turned his love for bringing a vision to reality and working the land into a successful construction company. Jim recognized the need for true environmental stewardship and sustainable strategies in the construction industry and this drew him to projects creating wetlands and rehabilitating streams. His business proudly offers sustainable options to his clients and has completed many such projects.

Jim entered the wine business in 2012 when he and his college roommate purchased land in the Dry Creek Valley and began CAST Wines. This was only one month after he had visited Sonoma County wine country for the first time. On that trip he was awed by an old vine Zinfandel that not only tasted like nothing he had tasted before but had a great connection to the land and the tradition of farming. Not long after beginning CAST Wines, Gregory James Wines was started as passion project that even further connected Jim’s passion for farming and great wines.

Even with a full fleet of heavy equipment his favorite piece of equipment remains his father’s 1946 Farmall tractor that is depicted on the label of all Gregory James Wines.

In 2015, Jim along with a longtime friend, created a fund to support the Research Institute for Children’s Health at Case Western Reserve University. The institute applies state of the art technology in the fields of genetics and pharmacology to rapidly develop therapies for genetic-based disorders in children. A field that often does not get the funding needed to help those with lesser-known genetic disorders. The inspiration for the work of the institute comes from the achievements Dr Mitchel Drumm has made over the past 35 years developing treatments and research for cystic fibrosis.  

Today, Jim visits Sonoma and Napa Counties as often as he can to connect with his growers, winemakers and friends he has made over the years. When visiting with Jim, you would think he is a wine country local based on how many people know him and stop to say, hello.