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Schoolhouse Vineyard

The Schoolhouse Vineyard is in the Dry Creek Valley, in Sonoma County, it is owned by one of the oldest grape growing families in the region. The vineyard is in the northern part of the valley, close to Lake Sonoma, on an eastern bench, facing southwest. The location allows for these old vines, between 60-80 years old, to benefit both from the warm summer days and cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean. The vines are head trained and dry farmed in the true tradition of farming Zinfandel. 

The success of a vineyard like the Schoolhouse Vineyard comes from years of vigilante farming and rootstock selection before planting. These vines are planted on St George rootstock that is known for sending roots deep down into the soil in search of water. The roots can grow as deep as 40 feet making them naturally drought-resistant and allow for the least amount of intervention during the growing the season as possible.

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