Schoolhouse Vineyard

This vineyard was also known as “the old Peterson place" and consists of 100% zinfandel grapes grown “dry farmed" on rootstock that is somewhere between 60 -80 years old. The rootstock is known as “ St George “ and was picked by the original growers for its resistance to phylloxera, and its ability to send root very deep in search of water. St George roots can grow as much as 30 -40 feet deep and therefore also make the vine naturally “drought resistant".

The vines are planted near the northern end of Dry Creek Valley on an eastern bench, southwest facing. The block is very near the lake Sonoma, but is at an elevation that receives frequent breezes and cool overnight temperatures due to the influence of the Pacific ocean. As with the Carreras Ranch zinfandel, the vines are planted in a “ traditional head trained “style ( no trellis ). The geology of the block is again, volcanic with mostly metamorphic shattered gravelly soils that are well drained and contain high mineral content.

The fruit from these vines is varietal and intense in dark cherry plum and a variety of spice ranging from cloves to coriander and white pepper. The wine is medium bodied with ample tannins but again, not in excess, so the wine can stand up well to “ a grill “ and at the same time go great with salmon. The wine is made 100% from this block so there are no influences from other varietals.

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